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What do I need to start with Mason Bees?
Saturday, November 15, 2008
What do I need to order in support of the Mason Bees?
~Joseph, Arkansas
My recommendation is that you put up some housing, make sure it is installed... read more
Too late to do a hive check?
Monday, November 10, 2008
I started a new hive this year and took good care of it up until July. I haven't checked it since before the blackberry nectar flow began. My question is: Is it better to just leave the hive...
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How much does it cost to start Beekeeping?
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
My husband is thinking of starting beekeeping in our back yard. How much would it cost for a basic set-up? Thanks!
The startup...
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Where are mason bees native to?
Sunday, October 5, 2008
I'm not sure that mason bees are native here. How far south do they live?
~Jerry, Arkansas
Mason bees are native to most of the lower 48...
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